7 Brew Coffee - Northwest Arkansas


Est. 2015

the face of a coffee revolution

A revolution that treats people like people – that makes them feel warmed, loved, and important, all before they take a sip of the best drink in town.

And it’s not just kindness and coffee that we sell at 7 Brew. We are cranking out delicious infused energy drinks, Italian sodas, smoothies, teas, and more like NWA has never seen.

The dream came alive in February 2017 with our first store in Rogers, AR, and the best is yet to come!

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Brewistas are...

  • Cultivating kindness everyday with customers and coworkers
  • Drink-makers, shelf-stockers, store-cleaners, order-takers, and smile-givers
  • Team players with the company’s best interests in mind
  • Full of energy, fun, and positivity!


Make work a high priority in your life. Treat customers and coworkers as the priceless people that they are. Prepare, customize, and serve delicious drinks in a fast-paced environment. Work in occasionally stressful situations with a consistently positive attitude. Choose to make every day a great one!

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